Marsa 41st Birthday!

Well, Leader is already 41...
But like I always say... I don't care because Maakun is really classy!♥

 Every thursday (here in Brazil) I get excited watching One Dish! People can compare it with Moco's kitchen but I prefere Leader 1000x!!


Happy Happy Birthday! Maakun~ ♪ ♫
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Kenchan 33th birthday!

This was to be posted on 02/07, Kenchan birthday... late but finished!

V6 Miyake-Ken-20120704icon

Last year I went to see his stageplay "Lovely Baby",  he is so tiny and cute! I can't see him as a 33 years old guy!
It was really a touching love story, at the end everyone was crying! And was interesting to see people that weren't Kenchan fans there, some old people that went to see the play. But I think they were shocked since there were lots of gay kisses!

I was on a study trip and was not suppose to skip the schedule, but my supervisor was really nice to let me go, I had to give up on USJ but that's ok... thank you Iwamura-san! ♥

This was my first attempt to draw with my wacom tablet! So it is my first CG colored drawing! YaY \(^^)/
I love to use watercolor pencils but it takes triple the time to complete it, photoshop is very useful....

Ah, can you say who is who? 


Art Post - Arashi Troublemaker

Depois de 3 anos eu decidi fazer outro desenho com os 5 juntos novamente. Da última vez foi com a capa do álbum Time (post link), dessa vez me inspirei na capa do single Troublemaker (essa foto). Bom, os meninos continuam lindos e eu achei as roupas super divertidas, fora a música e o PV que não saem da cabeça, né?
Eu sempre acho o Ohno o mais fácil de desenhar, mas o meu preferido nesse desenho é o Nino! Ele ficou com uma cara de sapeca!
E vocês, qual acharam que ficou mais parecido?

After 3 years I decided to make a drawing with the 5 together again. The last time was with the cover from the Time album (post link), this time is with the Troublemaker single cover (
this picture). Well, the boys are still gorgeous and I found the clothes really funny, and the music and PV can't get out off the head, right?
I always think that Ohno is the most easy to draw, but my favorite in this is Nino! He got a
prankish face!
And you, who do you think is the more recognizable?

(Click in the image to see a bigger size version.)

Gosh, Lj deleted all my replies...I...will reply again everyone!


Art Post - Ohoku

I think I'm too excite for this movie, so while we don't have nothing about it I made a fanart poster. This time are Nino and Tacchon, I'm not good to draw hair, worse if is tied. Poor Tacchon...

Click in the image to see a bigger size one
And another piece with Tacchon...

More Eito Arts can be seen here
They already started filming?


ART POST - RyOhkura

This is the scene that I imagined when I first heard that Tacchon would be in Ohoku with Nino! It´s the master sword samurai Ohkura and the patissier samurai Ryo, or better, Hungry Tacchon X DoS Ryochan.

Esta é a cena que eu imaginei quando fiquei sabendo que o Tacchon iria contracenar com o Nino em Ohoku! O mestre espadachim Ohkura e o patissier espadachim Ryo, ou melhor, o Faminto Tacchon X o Sádico Ryochan.

Click in the image to see a bigger size one

Well, it´s about almost 2 years that I didn´t draw anything, and still fail with the colours...

Bem, faz quase uns 2 anos que eu não desenho nada, e ainda me atrapalhei toda com as cores....